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Probably last bottles in the world

Only 50 made in Estonia


Active ingredients: 2-propanol 63%,

C12-C16 alkyl benzyl dimethyl ammonium

chloride 0,0125%


Nocorona extra is an effective 

disinfectant that probably kills 99,9%

of germs. Use as a gentle antiseptic on

the hands and skin in general.

Has potent bactericidal and fungicidal

activity. Eliminates potential pathogens

in the first 30 seconds after application.

Does not require water to be added in 

order to clean hands. In the case of

contact can cause a strong eye irritation.

Can also serve as the source of

dizziness and  drowsiness if used


Keep under 25 °C.

Keep in a heavily ventilated space.

For external use only.

Do not mix with other chemicals.

Keep away from children.

Read the instructions before using.

Lasts for three years after the first use.